Explore the Big Island of Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii, also known as the "Big Island," is so large it has snow-capped mountains, live volcanoes, and black-sand beaches. Must-visit areas of the Big Island include Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Maunakea and Maunaloa, Lava Trees State Park, the Kohala Coast, and the towns of Hilo and Kona. Activities are endless on the Big Island, from skiing and cycling to surfing and golfing. 

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view of Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Volcano National Park

At Volcano National Park, you can experience two of the five volcanoes that make up the island of Hawaii: Mauna Loa and Kīlauea. You'll also get to experience some of the most unique geological, biological, and cultural landscapes in the world. 

4 Primary Parts of the Park

  1.  The Summit of Kīlauea - excellent views into Kaluapele, the summit caldera
  2. Chain of Craters Road - views of lava fields and the rugged shoreline 
  3. Mauna Loa - the world's largest active volcano
  4. Kahuku - A remote location rich in cattle ranching traditions

Whether you have an hour or a full day to explore, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the park. Hiking through rainforests, traversing lava tubes, and taking scenic drives to see the ancient stone etchings at the Pu'uloa Petroglyphs are just a few. 


Deep Sea Fishing from Honokohau Harbor

Home to some of the best deep sea fishing on the island, Honokohau Harbor offers anglers of every skill level the opportunity to cast a line for prize-worthy fish. From Marlin and Wahoo to Mahi-Mahi and Tuna, you'll find some of the most coveted species in these fertile waters. 

The holy grail of deep sea sportfishing in Hawaii is found on the Kona Coast. With proximity to a massive oceanic drop-off, charters have access to some of the world's largest game fish. 

When you book a professionally captained charter, you'll enjoy a day of exceptional fishing at some of Hawaii's best spots, from "The Grounds" to "The Trail." With a fishing area of roughly 1,700 square miles, your chances of hooking the big one are definitely in your favor. Check out the offerings from Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing and enjoy an incredible day on the water during your Hawaiian vacation. 

fishing rods on a deep sea fishing boat
manta ray swimming over coral reef


Swim with Manta Rays

Set off from Keauhou Bay on Sea Paradise's acclaimed Manta Ray Night Snorkeling Tour. The two-hour expedition, priced at $130 per adult, promises an encounter that’s listed among the Travel Channel’s top ten lifetime experiences.

Aboard the luxurious 50-foot catamaran, Hoku Nui, you’ll be whisked away to Manta Ray Village off the Kona Coast for an unforgettable encounter with these magnificent creatures. Known for their vast wingspans (up to 29 feet) and remarkable intelligence, a chance to get up close with them offers a mesmerizing glimpse into their natural habitat.

Equipped with state-of-the-art snorkeling gear and the unique manta flotation device, participants are primed for an intimate and safe interaction with these gentle giants in what is sure to be the highlight of your Hawaiian vacation.


Star Gazing on Mauna Kea

The Maunakea stargazing program invites you to a unique private viewing experience at the Maunakea Visitor Information Station (VIS). Positioned at approximately 9,200 feet, the VIS offers a breathtaking vantage point for observing the universe's marvels through telescopes. Guests are encouraged to arrive just before sunset to witness the day's end at Puʻukalepeamoa before embarking on a guided journey to a secluded stargazing spot. Here, for around two hours, participants can delve into the cosmic spectacle of galaxies, nebulae, and constellations, guided by knowledgeable staff and volunteers.

a starry night over Mauna Kea volcano